About SU Information Technologies



With its experienced and expert staff, SU Information Technologies provides solutions in a wide range of fields such as Central Purchasing, Infrastructure Design and Installation, Business Analysis and Software Development, Operational Management, Digital Communications and Audit Services.

With the rapid change and development of technology, it becomes impossible to specialize in every field for the institutions. SU Information Technologies provides consultancy, design, planning, and installation and support services with its expert staff to meet the needs of institutions.

Su Information Technologies provides support to institutions to help them continue their commercial activities, reduce their resource consumption and work time, improve performance, provide measurability and traceability and develop solutions that will support meaningful analysis results and decision processes. It also provides all the information equipment and consumables needed at an affordable and high quality for the institutions by performing the necessary purchasing transactions.

SU Information Technologies offers the strategies that institutions need to follow in the digital sphere, and provides consultancy services to support basic needs and when, where and how organizations should be located in the digital world. In addition to these, it also offers consultancy and management services ranging from the professional management of the institutions’ information systems departments from the outside to ensuring business continuity by analyzing these departments.

Su Information Technologies provides solutions in the fields of business continuity, security, traceability, and measurability for the institutions with the services such as the independent audit of the IT structure and staff, control of procedures' scope and content, detection and elimination of security vulnerabilities and control of compliance with legal regulations.

 SU Information Technologies provides solutions for institutions to identify the needs of them in educational subjects, plan of the training and follow the implementation of it.