SUGES Mobile Bill Reading


It is a software that is designed to provide fast printing and necessary information checks with the Casio IT9000 device to be used by the field personnel of gas distribution companies.


  • Print the values from the service to the corresponding parts of the invoice

  • QR code to specify the Service Point Id,

  • To show the route numbers assigned to the field personnel and to make progress according to the route order

  • To report when faced with any situation that would affect the invoice printing

  • To ensure that the information is kept in the memory if there is no internet and to provide the invoice printing quickly with this information,

  • To provide control between field personnel and the device assigned to the personnel

  • To reprint the invoice previously printed (Suret / Repeat Invoice)

  • Close the file (route) assigned to the field personnel


Used technologies

Compact Framework, CASIO IT9000, Zxing Barcode, Microsoft GPS, CalibCs.Printer, Visual Studio 2008 applications/ devices/plugins are used.