Its aim is to be able to establish the business connection between the field personnel and office personnel for the Electricity Distribution companies, query recorded data in subscriber system via tablet, and complete process steps of standard lost leak control over the tablet and to send the created reports to the office side automatically. The tablet application enables the complete process steps to make field personnel enter within the scope of a plan, including the external line control, response control, seal control, subscriber query, meter reading, technical measurements and record information in the lost leakage control.

  1. Work order management

  2. Reading readout from the counter

  3. Reading load profile from the counter

  4. Calculation

  5. Instant notification to office staff

  6. User password management

  7. Notification Management

  8. Seal Management

  9. Full integration with SIMS(Subscriber Information Management System)


Printing of the minutes in the EMRA standards in the field


  • Subscriber Leak Record

  • Legislative Leak Record

  • Illegal Leak Record

  • Counter / Metering Transformer Replacement Report

  • Report of Seal

  • Meter and Measurement Circuits Control Sheet


The seal number, type, location, fracture/solid state and type of seal information of the removed seals are entered, listed and recorded.