Its aim is to provide healthy and fast information to the parties by providing integration to SIMS(Subscriber Management Information Systems) used by distribution companies.


Despite the high costs of Information Technologies, SUGES PMS provides a financial model with a cost of ‘0’. Suges PMS is used in 2 large-scale natural gas distribution companies and has become a standard technology for about 700 internal installation companies. Since 2007 up to 750,000 on the project across Turkey, it has been approved digitally.

With Suges PMS, internal installation projects (individual / central use), industry, chimney and infrastructure projects can be managed.

With Suges PMS, Su Information Help Desk provides live support systems for internal installation companies during the daily working hours in order to satisfy our customers. Suges PMS has achieved a first in Turkey with the e-signature integration since 2010, it became the first practical example which is widely used in the private sector.

Suges PMS provides significant time and cost saving for internal installation companies by the specifications like printing and optional submission of the project in the printing center, regulation of compulsory natural gas insurance policy, the pre-paid collection of the inspection fee and automatic removal of the gas opening appointment.

Suges PMS can work with full integration with domestic/foreign Subscriber Information Management Systems(SIMS) and  Geographic Information Systems(GIS).

Suges PMS is a web-based software for natural gas installation project submission and monitoring, which is presented to gas distribution company’s inspection and approval, by internal installation companies.

All phases of the software, which has been in service continuously since 2007, have been developed within the SU Information Technologies.  It has a flexible structure that can adapt to the new requirements and be re-arranged according to the differences that may occur according to the gas distribution regions.

By facilitating the project acceptance/approval process between the installation companies, it enables companies to increase the speed and quality of service to their customers. There is a module for each user.

The fee collections for the transactions in the system are made in a pre-paid form. The installation company transfers the funds in advance to the account to be taken for the transactions such as sending, printing, insurance and cargo.


We provide fast and clear solutions to development and support needs with our 10 years of experience.


Thanks to the modular construction, it provides the use of only the modules needed or the development of additional module according to necessities.


  • Accounting Module

  • System management module

  • Project printing and delivery module

  • GIS module

  • Customer Service Module

  • Archive management module

  • Authorized installation company module

  • Project record management module

  • Project approval management module

  • Appointment module

  • Fuse module

  • Company authorization module

  • Inspection fee management module