Audit Services


Many institutions have difficulty to host experienced and expert IT teams and even if they have,  insufficient number of experienced stuff and stuff inspection is still a problem. Thus, they can fail to get the full value of their investments or face sensitive information leakage due to security bugs, data loss and so on.

SU Information Technologies provides services to institutions in the fields of business continuity, security, traceability, and measurability with the services such as independent auditing of the existing structures and staff, detection and elimination of security gaps, control of compliance with legal regulations, supervision of the scope and content of procedures. With these services, it is possible to prevent institutions from not comply with legal obligations, not work with insecure networks, not be sufficiently aware of security issues, experiencing loss of business or resources due to unstable systems, networks or similar reasons, facing with legal sanctions, data breach, and other critical risks.

SU Information Technologies not only provides independent auditing services to the institutions on these issues but also provides other services in the field of emergency interventions or follow-up of the interventions to be made at the necessary points and provide a complete solution in a process that is the leak-proof, stable, secure and continuous system.


  • Establishing corporate security standard policies and procedures

  • Establishment of audit processes


  • Server engines control

  • Network infrastructures control

  • Security infrastructures control

  • Software security audit

  • Legal compliance audit

  • IT & BS procurement operations audit

  • Control of communication infrastructures

  • Security audit with social engineering

  • Independent attack tests


  • Creation of technical vulnerabilities reports

  • Creation of system continuity reports

  • Establishing corporate safety awareness reports

  • Creation of business process safety reports