Central Purchasing


SU Information Technologies conducts central purchasing activities on behalf of companies by using its expertise in related subjects. With Central Procurement, it provides time and cost advantage by providing the best quality products at the best price to its customers.

SU Information Technologies provides the necessary procurement works to ensure that all IT equipment and supplies that are required by the institutions are supplied at an affordable and high quality. With its experienced and expert team, SU Information Technologies provides software and hardware solutions in line with the needs of the institutions and provides services with a special approach.



  • Office software

  • Enterprise business software

  • Operating systems

  • Server software (database, etc.)



  • User computers

  • Workstations

  • Server equipment

  • Backup equipment

  • Network equipment (cabinet, switch, modem, etc.)

  • Other equipment (printer, scanner, etc.)



  • Toner

  • Cartridge

  • Other (CD, DVD, Paper, etc.)



  • Relationship management and collective service procurement with GSM operators