Security Infrastructure


In the information age we live, the information is one of the most critical values for individuals and institutions. The loss or leakage of information causes great distress and financial damages, which may or may not be compensated. Nowadays, even organized crime organizations are turning to a cybercriminal, which they see as the easiest and risk-free method to generate income. The vulnerabilities cause financial damage of billion dollars in Turkey and over $100 billion according to limited research. According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, users are experiencing financial loss of close to half of the monthly minimum wage due to cyber crimes.

Research estimates that the number of victims of cybercrime is over 550 million today. Cybersecurity is not a luxury for corporations. With its customized and expert staff, SU Information Technologies provides solutions to identify the security vulnerabilities and protect from all of them and provide hardware and application-based approach to their needs for the institutions.

SU Information Technologies provides services in the analysis, installation and maintenance processes of physical and network security infrastructures of institutions.


  • Data leak detection and prevention systems
  • Internet attacks detection and prevention systems
  • Firewalls
  • Enterprise anti-virus applications
  • Username and password controlled internet access presentation systems
  • Internet access filtering and reporting systems
  • Controlled access infrastructures to corporate networks (Network Access Control)
  • Physical access control systems (fingerprint reading, card pass, etc.)
  • Camera, security and alarm systems